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Tue Dec 4 2018

People with disabilities are equal citizens. The National Disability Authority’s vision is of a society in which people with disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities to participate in economic, social and cultural life. Along with that, should have control and choice over how they live their lives in order to reach full potential.

In 2018, the theme for disability day focuses on empowering people with disabilities for an inclusive equitable and sustainable development as part of 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Within the 2030 agenda, it pledges to “Leave no one behind”.

Employees and managers are increasingly realising the need for employing a varied and diverse workforce. A large number of disabled people who are qualified are still unemployed and are actively looking for a job. The National Disability Authority quote people with disabilities are two and a half times less likely to have a job than non disabled person. Increased participation in work would reduce the incidence of poverty and isolation and would open doors to wider participation in society. From looking at the census charts, it is very clear that the employment rate with people with disabilities in both male and female is roughly half that of non disabled people, and falls to about a third in the fifty plus age group.

Building a disabled friendly workplace is the first steps towards employing more qualified disabled candidates. A company that offers support and encouragement will help this goal happen.

Here are a few things that a company, employer or HR can do to ensure to adopt a disabled friend work culture:-

1) Building awareness and invest in TraIning
It is essential that all employees are familiar with the company commitment to being disabled friendly. Employees should be given basic information on how they can help their disabled colleagues in case of emergency.

2) Make use of Assistive Technology
Companies need to invest in the right technology, apps and online tools for disabled employees. Some examples include:- colour coded keyboards, braille display, assistive listening devices, speech recognition.

3) Consider outside support
Look at the non profit government agencies to make workplaces more aware through continued training to employees. Working with such organisations can also bring a new approach and practices used at other Corporate groups.

4) Make accessibility a priority
A freely accessible workplace is of great importance to disabled employees. It helps individuals move around, get their work done and enjoy time spent at their workplace. Also, review transport options for people with disabilities.

5) Be honest with appraisal and Feedback
In order to improve inclusivity in the workplace, it’s of paramount importance to provide honest and fair feedback to employees regardless of any disabilities.

6) Employee health and wellbeing
Employee health and wellbeing need to be a priority. Games, physical activity and other recreational options can be encouraged in your company to include all walks of life. Make sure you cover all disabilities to ensure everyone is included.

Keep a close eye on our page for an inspiring interview with someone who has learned to live with being disabled all his life.

Let’s break down those barriers and leave no one behind!!

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