What is the size of organisation who can enrol for WaaS?

Our platform is fully flexible. So it can cater to both small, medium and large companies. We are also a globally scalable platform with clients in more than one country. To schedule a demo or talk to us, please contact us.

Can an individual enroll into Waas?

Unfortunately, it is currently a B2B solution. Users can come onboard only if they come through their organization HR. You can request your HR to contact us for a demo.

However, we do run an occasional campaign or challenge, which individuals can participate. When we are doing this, we can send you an e-mail with all the information. Please register your interest here

We are a multi location company. Will you be able to help us?

We are a multi devise based platform which users can access from anywhere, anytime. Our cloud based product help users access their programmes, boards, analytics and input data from anywhere as per their convenience. So our solution is particularly beneficial to multilocation companies.

Most of our employees work remotely. How can you help?

We are a multi devise based platform which users can access from anywhere, anytime. Our cloud based product help users access their programmes, boards, analytics and input data from anywhere as per their convenience. So our solution is particularly beneficial companies with remote employee base.

We already run health programmes how can you help?

If as an organisation, you are currently running wellness programmes, WaaS can still help with analytics, MIS reporting and continuous improvement. This will give you and your wellness vendors transparency of what works and what needs further attention.

As an individual, I am already taking part in another programme, could I still join WaaS?

WaaS helps you through your wellness journey at your own pace. Because it is individualised to suit you need, preferences and resources, you can continue with your existing programmes and still benefit from WaaS. You can update your activities and plans on your profile, discuss with your health coach your existing programme and he/she will adjust your targets and goals accordingly, so that you can still earn points and benefits.

As an individual,I use other wellness apps, could I still join WaaS?

As per our market research, we find around 40% people in organisations use more than 1 wellness app. Also most of these give them generic plans and they have to input their activities, meals etc. WaaS is one stop shop for all your personal wellbeing plans and health related data. It is also integrated with technologies so that either you input simple data or none at all. So you may use other apps for now, but the transition to WaaS will be smooth.

As an individual,I am not motivated; I am not interested.

As per our market research, 35% of employees say they are not motivated or have no real interest in health and wellbeing. We work with experts in motivation and behavioural change to design programmes which generate interest in people. Also, taking the journey ourselves made us realise there is no “one size fits all”. So it is important to keep the programmes relevant and interesting for you as per your pace, personal preferences and resources. The platform shows your continuous progress and is also gamified where you can earn points which can be exchanged for benefits and prizes, so we believe that will add as further motivation.

What is Well-being as a service ?(Waas)

Our product WaaS (Wellbeing As A Service) is a cloud-based multi-device SaaS and analytics platform. It is a productivity and health-risk management tool for organizations and its users with the help of everything related to wellbeing, all under one roof.

What does Waas do?

In WoC, we believe that wellness is built on 4 pillars – Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep and Stress Management. All these should be coupled with behavioral change. WaaS integrates all these pillars to develop a highly personalized, data-driven program for its users.

How much does it cost?

Wind of change wellness program is only offered to organizations as a whole, for any enquires regarding the pricing, you can request your HR to contact us at info@windofchange.ie and we will organize a discussion and demo as soon as we can.

Why should I choose Wind of change wellness but not another program?

Wind of change provides highly data-driven and personalized wellness programs for our users to improve overall corporate wellbeing. We create personalized, gamified wellbeing programs for our users keeping in mind individual constraints. We integrate wearables and use enhanced image recognition to make it a smooth user experience. This helps increasing employees’ engagement, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs. Our company is a better solution because we have achieved employee engagement of >60% when the average rate is 5-8%. We have, in case of a client, reduced health insurance costs by 15%.

What devices do you integrate with?

We integrate with wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, and GoogleFit devices and we also integrate with food image recognition systems like Calorie-Mama.

Can I join if I am not from Ireland?

We are a multi devise based platform that users can access from anywhere, anytime. Our cloud-based product help users access their programs, boards, analytics and input data from anywhere as per their convenience. So, anyone from any geography can use our platform – making it perfectly suitable and beneficial for companies with a remote employee

Can I join if I have a medical condition or a food restriction?

Yes. Our system is fully personalized and customized. We group employees based on their needs/targets and constraints like medical conditions or food allergies. And then we design a special program for every group of employees based on their conditions and preferences.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this program every day?

Our highly personalized WaaS allows you to take the program at your own pace spending as much time on it as you feel comfortable to.  We would recommend about 10 minutes a day.

Do you have certified health/nutrition/fitness specialists working for you?

Yes, we are a team of individuals coming from varied corporate and wellbeing sectors with significant years of experience. We are passionate about improving individual’s and organization’s productivity through the improvement of physical and mental wellbeing.

Do I have to attend any meetings/classes?

No, there are no meetings or classes involved in this program. We offer our users with highly personalized employee wellness programs in the form of digital content, which can be accessed at any point in time. All our users are assigned a health coach who can be contacted when needed.

Can you help me if I have mental health issues?

Yes, we believe that healthy living is not only about being physically healthy. Mental health plays crucial part in general wellbeing. Our personalised system will design a special program for you based on your needs and requirements.

Can I try WaaS for free to see if I like it?

Yes, you can schedule a demo and see if you like it. For further inquiries to schedule a demo please, request your HR to contact us at info@windofchange.ie

Do you have individual programs?

Yes, ¸ Our product gives access to customized employee wellbeing programmes, health coaches, exciting group and individual challenges and detailed analytics at both individual and organisation levels, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Do you support any other languages except for English?

No, at the moment – Sorry.  The only language that we support is English, but we are a fast-growing and expanding company and have plan to integrate other languages as well.

Do you have bonus/rewards system?

Yes, we do have a rewards system. Each user is awarded points for adhering to the programme suggested to them, these points can be then exchanged for rewards or benefits

How do you help companies with corporate wellbeing programs?

We design, deploy and optimize new or existing corporate wellbeing programs. Wellbeing programs are designed through a data-driven approach to deliver the best programs to improve the health and efficiency of the organization. For more information or free demo please contact us at info@windofchange.ie

How do you help HR professionals?

We help companies to create good employee experience which helps talent retention by looking after their skilled workforce. For more information contact us at info@windofchange.ie



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