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Growing employee wellness trend

Growing employee wellness trend

Wed Jul 31 2019

Employee wellness trends

The employee wellness trend is now exploding all over the world. In the early 2000s, employee wellness programmes was seen as a nice to have feature rather than a necessity. But now, more and more companies are starting to understand the importance and benefits to have wellness programmes in place. Employers have come to realize that employee wellness programmes are a big deal and are absolutely necessary to recruit talent, retain talent, survive and thrive.

Rising employee wellness trend

A recent study by Shortlister suggests that, to support employee well-being, employers are taking a more holistic look at the resources they provide to attract and retain the best talent. A priority is being placed on personalizing the member experience to improve engagement and deliver the right programme to the member. 

Many employers offer multiple wellness programme to cater to the need of different individuals. a survey reported by Employee Benefits Network suggests 7-8 may be the sweet spot: 53% of their survey respondents said they would recommend their employer if it provided seven to eight wellness programmes. Those with four to six programmes were only 30% as likely to recommend their company, and those offering one to four programs and none received 24% and 18% respectively. Offering personalization within a corporate wellness program can bring in individuals from all backgrounds and wellness ‘experience’ and show them their employer truly cares about their personal, unique wellness journey.

According to the survey conducted by Shortlister 68% of the companies prioritize employee wellness and well-being more than they did in the past. 66% of employers have greater desire for an app or platform for their wellness programme. 64% of employees have a greater need for a platform that can combine all their benefits and initiatives. 

57% employees have a greater need for added niche programmes for mental wellness, financial wellness, etc.

With the growing competitiveness in recruitment and the search for talent at an all-time high , companies have had to assess their workplace wellbeing values and initiatives in order to recruit and retain top talent.

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