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Our product WaaS (Wellbeing As A Service) is a cloud-based multi-device SaaS and analytics platform, which is a productivity and engagement tool for organisations and its users. With the help of four pillars related to wellness, we deliver highly data-driven yet personalized employee wellness solutions
Our unique algorithms design bespoke corporate wellness programmes and drive quantified outcomes for both organisations and users. We integrate with organisation’s internal systems, ensuring data confidentiality, for further MIS reporting.
If as an organisation, you are currently running wellness programmes, WaaS can still help with analytics, MIS reporting and continuous improvement. This will give you and your wellness vendor’s transparency on effectiveness of the existing programme.

WaaS consists of 3 parts:

Discovery Phase

Our exhaustive assessment modules covers various aspects of physical and mental wellbeing and helps generate ‘Wellness Map’ at both individual and top-down organisation level ensuring data protection and confidentiality. This addresses the issue of companies investing in their employee wellness programmes on an ad hoc basis and not understanding the return on investment and/or not seeing the continuous improvement to actually reduce employee healthcare cost and increase talent retention. The wellness map generated at regular interval through our analytics platform ensures that the complete corporate wellness programmes are relevant, which also increase buy-in from both employees and companies.


Design Phase

Uses our unique algorithm to design bespoke integrated employee wellness programmes by health coaches and experts on nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management. These are also supported by motivation and behavioural change experts. This ensures that the corporate wellness programmes are relevant and can be adjusted to suit individual user needs, available resources and their preferences.

Delivery Phase

Interactive online wellness programmes complete with continuous monitoring, tracking improvements, integration with various other technologies and platforms, gamification and activities ensures better user experience and engagement. This addresses the issue of employee engagement, motivation and continuous improvement because either most employees do not take up existing programmes or they fail to follow through in the long term.

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