Wind of Change believes in symbiotic relationship within the wellbeing and technology ecosystem. Our aim is to helporganisations be more productive and save resources while individuals attain their best physical and mental potential.

We believe it needs an integrated efforts from us along with existing solution providers, technology innovators and thought leaders to complete the circle. So we are always eager to explore collaboration ideas.

Wellness and Management service providers

We are happy to collaborate with existing corporate solution providers who can include WaaS in their offerings for further value addition to their clients. Our analytics and MIS reporting will help you establish effectiveness of your programmes to organisations resulting in transparency in corporate return on investment. This will also help you to design targeted programmes for further effectiveness.

Education institutions and Startups

We are constantly striving to improve our technology with data analytics and automation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features. Also, since user engagement is critical for our success, we put emphasis on new technologies related to User Interface and User Experience. We are happy to collaborate with education institutes and other startups to nurture talent and provide them with real-life challenges.

Strategic partnerships

We are an open platform looking to integrate best in class ideas and technologies in our product. We have already integrated wearable technologies, wellbeing related best-in-class software and HR systems. We will be happy to talk to you if you can help us offer further value addition to our clients.

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