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Wellbeing is an important part of every organisation’s remit. We work with HR and Employee Programmes to Discover, Design and Deliver Wellbeing plans for your employees to the highest global standards following WHO and Functional medicine modules.

Wind of Change is a global e-health company offering a cloud based SaaS and analytics solution ‘Wellbeing As A Service’ to organisations. Our product gives access to customised wellbeing programmes, health coaches, exciting group and individual challenges and detailed analytics at both individual and organisation levels, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Despite huge spend in corporate wellbeing, most programmes lack measurable matrix and employee engagement.

We address this with our 3-part integrated platform:

Detailed Analytics with 16 modules for ‘Wellness Mapping’ and continuous monitoring

Wellness programme Design formulated by experts in nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress and behavioural change

Unique wellbeing programme Delivery through our platform

Service Sector

We provide solutions to single or multi location organisations globally in both public and private sectors. We help companies plan and implement their employee wellbeing programmes through our engagement platform. We help you to reduce healthcare costs, increase retention, improve productivity and realise your return on investment. We also integrate with your existing internal systems for MIS helping you make the right strategic decisions.

Manufacturing Sector and Commercial fleets

We help global companies reduce risks, save costs and improve efficiencies. We particularly help companies managing commercial fleets with their driver wellness programmes. We understand vehicles and drivers are their biggest assets. So, while vehicle diagnostics and telematics help reducing risks and increase efficiencies of vehicles, WaaS helps to improve Driver wellness, integrating onboard system of the vehicle for programme delivery and analytics.

Insurance Sector

WaaS aims to reduce health risks for individuals and collectively for organisations. Our Wellness Map helps users and organisations understand their health and wellbeing status at a given time. We believe we can help insurance companies and their clients reduce the risk by using proactive interventions and continuous improvement through nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural change.

Education Sector

Students are often only evaluated on their educational abilities. However physical and mental wellbeing is critical in driving their performance. We help education institutions help their students attain their best potential.

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